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Amberon has a proud history of being at the front of the curve when it comes to innovations.

Amberon has nationally implemented a Mobile Worker App and Tablet system allowing real-time reporting supported by geo-tagged and date/time stamped data.

In addition to this digital versions of RAMS and documentation are held and accessible by all staff at all times. Our operatives are all issued with a company Passport Card that utilises QR technology to allow training records to be accessed remotely from site as well as providing identification and health data.

Amberon developed and manufactured in-house portable CCTV units that offer greater deterrent and security for staff working on site from conflict situations. Amberon have added in SIA CCTV training for management to allow this data to be properly controlled and handled.

Amberon are known for their innovative use of electric vehicles, in particular the popular Renault Twizy which is used on convoy and escort operations.