2021 sustainability initiative protects environment from PPE packaging

In 2021, leading Traffic Management provider Amberon has developed a sustainability initiative that seeks to lead the charge for the company’s commitment to going greener.

With a number of sustainability initiatives already in place across the company, Amberon is now taking things to the next level as it sets its sustainability ideals and objectives into a formal initiative with a 7-part strategy that is being implemented throughout the year.

Part one of the initiative sees the removal of all non-biodegradable packaging from PPE and other equipment that the entire group uses regularly. When you employ 1000 people, as the Amberon Group does, that becomes an extremely significant reduction in non-biodegradable waste.

Amberon is committed to keeping waste out of landfill, and across the group, already recycles all of its damaged cones, plastic barrier and other plastic equipment with a specialist recycling firm.

MD Terry Musson told us:

“Removing plastic from our supply chain is the next stop on the journey to improving the environment around us. Personally, I’m fortunate enough to live by the coast and some of the things that upset me the most when I’m out is seeing the sheer amount of plastic waste products in the water.”

Jeff Quimby, Amberon TM group EHSQ Manager added:

“Plastic packaging, for the most part, is completely unnecessary and as one of the leading players in the TM industry we decided that it was our voice that needed to be heard by suppliers.

“Our outstanding procurement team have worked closely with our suppliers and have identified all of the items of packaging that were superfluous.

“We have calculated that this year we will have reduced the amount of non-biodegradable packaging by a massive 82%. In real numbers, that’s at least 15,000 pieces of packaging that will not now make their way into the eco-sphere.

Amberon Waste Reduction in Numbers
Total items supplied: 18,000

Items supplied in plastic packaging: 960
(mainly glasses and ear defenders and some peripherals)

Items supplied in biodegradable packaging: 1,550
(hi-vis cargo trousers and waterproof trousers)

Items supplied in cardboard packaging only: 700
(all footwear)

Items supplied with packaging removed: 14,790 (82%)

“This is the first step on a journey for us this year as we proactively undertake projects to improve our impact on the environment and become more sustainable.”

Magda Brace, Procurement Manager added:

“We have both a management team that this means a great deal to, as well as an excellent workforce who are passionate about going greener.

“The procurement team has been fantastically pro-active in doing such a good job of our reduction in non- biodegradable waste, and as a business we are excited to keep making changes that have the environment at heart.”

Keep an eye out here as Amberon announce the next of their Green-7 initiatives in the coming months!