Amberon Group COVID-19 Update

Amberon have been following the advice closely from the Government and very early on set up a senior team to co-ordinate our response (led by our CEO Terry Musson) to the pandemic which have been setting the strategy to deal with this unprecedented occurrence in our business. 

As such, as you would no doubt expect, we have banned all non-essential travel including attendance at meetings. Many of office-based team are now working remotely and are all fully equipped with laptops, mobiles and internet and have the facilities for video conferencing or conference calls so they can attend at any meetings. We can work together to find a solution that is best for us all. 

We remain committed to meeting the demands of all of our clients throughout this period whilst safeguarding the health of our operatives and we are pleased to report that for now, on the roads (bar some ops taking precautionary self-isolation) it remains business as usual. 

That said there are a couple of other things that we want to share with you. As part of our strategy for dealing with Coronavirus we have distributed operational advice to all of our depots; 

  • Limiting the amount of people travelling in any one vehicle (this may mean that we end up with more vehicles on site or ask you if we can change our working plans to accommodate this practical action). 
  • Please let us know if you believe any of our team members may have come in to contact with any of your team that are suspected of carrying the virus, showing symptoms etc. 
  • We are carrying out Ghost Shift Changes, working in isolation within the depots where possible, taking deliveries by drop and go, stepping up and reminding everyone of their hygiene responsibilities. 
  • In addition to this we have asked our operatives to limit their interaction with our customers staff on site, this may include speaking to each other on the phone even if we are on the same site. 
  • We have also requested that they do not use clients mess-rooms etc or attend non- essential briefings. 
  • Further to this we have instructed that the operative should NOT seek to get a signature on their Tablets following install / de-install as we usually would to avoid the contact this causes. 

None of these actions should restrict the usual high standards that we complete the work to, however if any of the above actions will impact you negatively please let me know ASAP. In the same manner of working together please can you let us know if there are any additional procedures to those outlined above that you feel we should adopt on your sites please let us know so that we can communicate out to our teams. 

We are committed to supporting all of our clients for as long as they need us and in whatever way they need us.