Core Values are the Foundation for Success

Every company tends to preach its values. But how many truly practice what they preach? Amberon Traffic Management can affirmatively say a big ‘yes we do’

So, what are the company values? What does Amberon pride itself on? Well, these 3 key values are embedded throughout the entire company:


At Amberon safety is paramount, it is at the forefront of everything they do. Their National EHSQ Manager oversees their full compliance and is responsible for the implementation of nationwide safety initiatives such as their “Safe Site Home Tonight” and “ACCESS” campaigns.

This industry leading approach to H&S is reflected by safety accreditations; Achilles UVDB Verified, Achilles Building Confidence, CHAS, SMAS and Constructionline as well as our long held NHSS accreditations for 12D, 12AB and 12C for traffic management.

The tireless work of of Amberon auditing teams and systems for improvement such as tool-box talks, safety memos, RAMS and electronic Near-Miss reporting has resulted in enviable statistics in AFR and RIDDOR.


The size and scale of Amberon allows the company to offer increased reliability with accepting and fulfilling job requests, both planned and reactive.

With 21 depots strategically placed around the country, Amberon’s network allows support from neighbouring locations made possible in part due to their 500+ qualified workforce with 350+ TM spec vehicles including over 25 IPVs.

Equipment is maintained to the highest possible standards with an in-house service centre able to undertake repairs and preventative maintenance on 1400+ temporary traffic lights, trailers and VMS signage.

This, coupled with a UK based call-centre to handle out-of-hours calls and dispatch emergency teams means that there is always someone at the end of their national hotline number (0845 371 5050), the result of this is an average customer satisfaction score of 8.9/10 over the last 3 years.


Amberon has a proud history of being at the front of the curve when it comes to innovations.

Amberon has nationally implemented a Mobile Worker App and Tablet system allowing real-time reporting supported by geo-tagged and date/time stamped data.

In addition to this, digital versions of RAMS and documentation are held and accessible by all staff at all times. Amberon operatives are all issued with a company Passport Card that utilises QR technology to allow training records to be accessed remotely from site as well as providing identification and health data.

Amberon developed and manufactured in-house portable CCTV units that offer greater deterrent and security for staff working on site from conflict situations. Amberon have added in SIA CCTV training for management to allow this data to be properly controlled and handled.

Amberon are known for their innovative use of electric vehicles, in particular the popular Renault Twizy which is used on convoy and escort operations.

We spoke to Dan East, Amberon Commercial Director, about the importance of values within a company. Dan told us:

“We’re probably no different to any other company in terms of having ideals, values and a vision of the sort of moral fibre we should have ingrained within all that we do. But, we do feel like we stand out by practicing what we preach, and that we feel is the real difference.

“It’s really easy to say, ‘we believe X’ and ‘we do Y’ but to actually have the accreditations and body of work to prove we deliver on our values is something we can be really proud of.

“We’ll continue to innovate, improve, and continue to place safety at the centre of everything we do.”