The Twizy Role In Road Safety

As the interest in and demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, Amberon Ltd, based in Paignton, Devon contacted Greenhous Renault to source a number of Renault Twizy electric cars. According to Greenhous Renault, single sales of this fun run-around vehicle “are expected” but, five in one order? ‘Peculiar’ was the Renault distributors initial thought.

“What could Amberon Ltd possibly need five Twizys for?” was the initial comment from Ian Parkes, sales manager for Greenhous Renault.

A little research and conversation with area fleet sales executive, Alan Thompson reveals the answer:

“Amberon Ltd are specialists in traffic management on all classes of roads, covering all speed limits. They employ the Twizy as convoy vehicles through narrow roads where there is a need to restrict the speed of vehicles for the safety of the maintenance workers.”

Ian explains:

“It was an unusual request and we had to reach out to different parts of the Renault network to satisfy this order. We have sourced some multi-coloured vehicles, but all will be wrapped in Amberon Ltd bright colours once delivered. One of our service technicians, Rob Pritchard, has become an expert in the Twizy having been given the collection to check and service pre-delivery.”

At Amberon Ltd MD David Burnett explained:

“Keeping the workforce and public safe is our main priority within Traffic Management. By controlling the speed of traffic through the site it greatly decreases the chance of a serious incident. At Amberon we have been promoting the use of Convoy Systems in Rural Locations for a number of years. We now have a number of Twizys that can undertake these operations with either Stop and Go teams or Traffic Light Systems.”

“We already have 8 electric Twizys in operation on various projects, particularly in the South West where the country roads are especially narrow. They make ideal convoy vehicles, small and easy to drive and non-polluting. They have replaced some of the quadbikes and small vans we have traditionally used. We wrap them in a bright orange covering and attach a flashing beacon on the roof and a large “Convoy –follow me” sign on the back. Our project managers are so pleased with them they request their use, hence we are extending our fleet.”

“We also had the opportunity to lead the Paignton Carnival procession last year which was a particular honour for the company.”

It is important to see the Twizy, which has been regarded as an electric city fun vehicle, being used as an important safety utility vehicle. It travels short distances, is reliable and can be re-charged on site from generators used for other purposes. There are probably many uses that the Twizy can be put to, especially where short journeys or narrow routes are to be negotiated. Large warehouses are ideal environments for the electric Twizy with its zero emissions and manoeuvrability to cover the miles of passages.

Amberon Ltd now own 17 Renault Twizy – one of the largest private fleets in the UK outside of hire companies.