Training Hub brings 30 depots together in real time

Groundbreaking. Adjective.

‘Innovative; Pioneering’.

With innovation set within its company values, Amberon TM has always looked to evolve. Whether that’s products, services, people or protocols, the business takes pride in its forward-thinking approach.

Now, in 2021, the company embarks into a new era, taking a large step forward alongside its extended partners, improving its internal operations and provisions with quality for its customers at heart. The Training Hub is launched.

The Training Hub is a digital platform that acts as an interface to the EHSQ team in real time.

The portal was designed to centralise key information, training, safety updates and more, and the innovative solution is now up and running.

Having been especially designed with use on the company’s tablets in mind, it allows operatives in the field to immediately access any necessary information and removes one of the final elements of paper-based administration left within a business that moved to remote operational working systems some time ago.

Blazing a trail

Believed to be the first of its kind, Amberon TM has implemented its Training Hub across the business, as well as its extended partner group including Barrier Services Ltd, JTM Signs, MLP Traffic and Forest Traffic.

The spectrum of solutions included incorporates informing and recording progress of health and safety alerts, key company bulletins and toolbox talks in a remote, agile, workforce.

Previously such deliverables required, and were restricted to, employees physically returning to their depots to complete such things.


The Training Hub utilises videos, animations and imagery as part of a diverse and engaging user interface, and the diversity of delivery method has helped improve the user experience for all.

With diversity and inclusion very much at the heart of the hub’s development, Amberon research discovered around 10-15% of people in the UK have dyslexia, and approximately 10% of UK inhabitants speak English as a second language. With these statistics in mind, Amberon developed the Training Hub to be digestible for all if those figures are to be representative of its workforce.


With the hub up and running, Amberon and its extended partner companies can now deliver training provisions digitally and monitor progress centrally. This enhances ease and efficiency of training courses.

The Training Hub resource allows for greater access to training provisions, as well as a much quicker response from the workforce which is proving successful in the increase in training completed. After just 1 month, over 5,000 courses have been completed by Amberon employees.

Thorough multiple-choice tests are delivered via the Training Hub, ensuring course content is not only viewed, but
understood, and can then be applied. The monitoring of progress by the central EHSQ team is now simpler, with all results stored in one digital hub, removing paperwork and improving the ability to draw conclusions and report.

Dan East, Amberon Commercial Director spoke to us about the Training Hub:

“What we’ve developed and implemented is something we believe to be an industry first. No longer do we have to
consider who has received what, contact any of our depots for information, or worry about lost or misplaced paperwork.

“Having everything in a central location, delivered and monitored centrally means our efficiency takes a dramatic increase, and our ability to react to situations is greatly enhanced.

“The possibilities have certainly not been reached yet either, as we plan for future developments such as including virtual inductions, more in-depth training provisions and an increased ability for resource sharing, as well as the capacity in general as we continue to grow as a business.”