Utilising Syrinx Mobile Worker App

Amberon have recently rolled out a new tablet and application system from hire software developers Syrinx with fantastic results.

The Driver App from Syrinx hire software allows office-based staff to send new job requests directly to the workforce that are out on the road. The custom version of the app that Amberon commissioned has been tailored to suit the unique environment of Traffic Management.

By using the application, the quality and consistency of the information sent to staff on the road is now a lot higher.

By removing the reliance of paper copies of documents such as CAD plans, risk assessments, method statements and briefing documents which can get damaged in wet weather it has been found that staff are able to be more efficient on site.

The benefits are also noticed in the office where a move towards a paperless office is now a real and achievable objective. The improved synchronising of documents to jobs has streamlined the administration and allows for more effective reporting.

The benefits at depot level don’t end there either.

The App is arranged in such a way that drivers must complete Vehicle Defects before they can open their first job with this report being automatically emailed to the Depot and Transport managers. The form-fill nature of the Risk Assessment also means that all fields are captured before being able to continue to the next stage of the process.

Finally, it gives greater visibility of stock and assets allowing for efficient management.

The App also allows a range of instant reporting for Amberon’s clients:

• Instant access to site photos that are GPS geo-tagged with a link to locations viewable on mapping software.
• Instant viewing of the on-site risk assessment.
• All items time and date stamped.
• Links to all associated documentation such as purchase orders, CAD plans and email trails.

Terry Musson, Managing Director of Amberon said:

“The tablets and software have represented a significant investment by Amberon, but we are convinced that this is the way forward. We spent a long time researching the mobile worker app market and were very impressed by the system that Syrinx developed to support our business.

“The adoption of tablet technology has allowed us to build additional custom applications to capture Near Misses & Call Out Events. These additional apps have been developed in-house and our Gwent Depot Manager Jake Williams has done a fantastic job leading on this.”

Regional Director, Dane Lacey added:

“Jake’s knowledge of Amberon’s systems and traffic management procedures and a willingness to learn a new skill has been invaluable in developing this second phase of our tablet technology rollout. No doubt Jake will continue to add to this in the future months and continue to keep Amberon at the fore of innovation in TM.”